The Guardian men’s page

(Even the men’s page is full of asinine misandrist dreck) The Guardian is notorious for its toxic coverage of gender issues and in the main it seems to reflect the views of privileged, female, Oxbridge educated, social sciences and humanities (in particular English Literature) graduates. In its own way, the Guardian is as nasty and… Continue reading The Guardian men’s page

The Feminist Glass Escalator

Privately Educated (mostly), Oxbridge, English Literature feminists in the media I am often struck by the lack of cognitive diversity among commentators on gender issues at outlets such as the BBC, Guardian and the Independent. They are almost invariably female, privately educated, from a social sciences and humanities background (usually English Literature) and disproportionately Oxbridge… Continue reading The Feminist Glass Escalator

Female leaders and COVID

The press has been full of articles praising female leaders while ignoring some egregious examples of poor behaviour and poor leadership. The latest example of poor behaviour concerns the female Member of Parliament Margaret Ferrier who represents Rutherglen and Hamilton West in Scotland. For a brief report of her actions click here. It seems that… Continue reading Female leaders and COVID