Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – Useful Reading

I have no particular interest in the characters Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. However, they have performed an important public service and as a result of the live-streaming of their recent defamation trial, it is now possible to have a more intelligent and informed conversation on the subject of intimate partner violence IPV. Also in… Continue reading Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – Useful Reading

Depp v. Heard and The Myth of Male Power

Critical Theory is the thought system that makes toxic feminism, toxic. According to that theory, knowledge is socially constructed and the narratives of the most powerful are what constitute accepted knowledge or truth. This means that proponents Critical Theory have to be able to divine power relations in society and in this regard they behave… Continue reading Depp v. Heard and The Myth of Male Power

George Monbiot

(and the suffragettes) The idea for this post came from the YouTube channel of the Intelligence Squared debates that you can find here. I am gradually working my way through past debates. In an earlier post, I featured Jess Phillips making a fool of herself during the Intelligence Squared debate – Is Labour Unelectable? Through… Continue reading George Monbiot

Shrewsbury- A Feminist Scandal?

A recent review of maternity care at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals has shown that it may have contributed to the death of over 200 babies and nine mothers. Commentators have rightly pointed to this as a failing of the National Health Service. However, in reviewing the subject and looking for root causes they might also… Continue reading Shrewsbury- A Feminist Scandal?

Jess Phillips Again

Here is another excruciatingly bad performance from Jess Phillips during the Intelligence Squared Debate on the current state of the Labour Party. It is not for nothing that Jess is known as the Ian Paisley of feminism. Before entering politics Jess was a business development manager for the Women’s Aid Federation and she still appears… Continue reading Jess Phillips Again

Jacinda Ardern

If there is no universal truth, as postmodern philosophy claims, then each social or political group should have the right to that reality that best suits them. What, then, are the consequences of applying postmodernist thinking when it comes to science?” Marcel Kunst – The Postmodern Assault on Science, 2012 Female leaders have been getting… Continue reading Jacinda Ardern