The problem with moderators

Unfortunately, there are idiots out there and for that reason most websites that allow public comment have moderators to weed out abusive and insulting content. They are, it might be said, a necessary evil. But what if moderators misuse their position? And instead of blocking material that is abusive or grossly inaccurate they block material… Continue reading The problem with moderators

Andrew Tate

I fear the misandrist material in AGENDA will drive a sense of aggrieved entitlement among girls, and boys will be pushed towards right wing commentators because that will be the first sympathetic voice they hear. Our best hope for a healthy future is that enough teachers see this document for the toxic and divisive tripe… Continue reading Andrew Tate

Another view on ‘woke’

Self-righteous professors have spawned self-righteous students and unleashed them into the public square” Russell Jacoby writing in the Tablet. A provocative article that covers similar territory to that discussed a previous post A Marxist Take on Woke has just appeared appeared in Tablet Magazine. Though the author is not, to the best of my knowledge… Continue reading Another view on ‘woke’

Pathologising Masculinity

The Portman NHS Trust is subordinating the therapeutic relationship to ideology. I recommend the YouTube video from New-Culture-Forum that is featured below. Peter Whittle, the host, interviews Amy Gallagher who is a nurse who was training to be a psychotherapist at the Tavistock Clinic (yes that one). Unfortunately, she fell foul of social justice orthodoxy… Continue reading Pathologising Masculinity

Female Authors of Scientific Papers

It is claimed that the field of scientific publishing is riven with gender bias. Most scientific papers rely on citations to support their arguments and a scientific publication’s reference section can list over a hundred studies. This can be a problem in several ways. For example, sometimes people cite a publication as supporting a given… Continue reading Female Authors of Scientific Papers