The Guardian and Men’s Health

Paradoxically, the response to the recent women’s health survey has not been all good for feminists. Instead, it has led to a focus on the health inequalities facing men and recognition, in some quarters at least, that the gender health gap benefits women. For that reason, journalists have adopted two approaches. One is to blame… Continue reading The Guardian and Men’s Health

The Independent and Women’s Health

When The Independent newspaper first appeared in the 1980s I was one of its most avid readers. It seemed to offer something new, fresh and as its title suggested, independent. Sadly, that is all over now. The Independent is now a zombie clickbait rag, peddling predictable right-on opinions.The article that piqued my interest, is all… Continue reading The Independent and Women’s Health

Thought Terminating Feminist Clichés

A big part of feminist augmentation is the thought terminating cliché. Once this cliché has brought unthinkingly into the argument, all further thought, nuance and discussion become superfluous, or so feminists seem to think. Here are a few popular clichés and their obvious shortcomings. My Body, My Choice is a slogan we have been hearing… Continue reading Thought Terminating Feminist Clichés

Moira Donegan

Another week another daft article in the Guardian (here). This time, Moira Donegan (author of the Shitty-Media Men spreadsheet), argues that we are in an antifeminist backlash that is silencing women. Opening the discussion with the defamation lawsuit brought against Amber Heard is not a good place to start if you want to make that… Continue reading Moira Donegan

Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – Useful Reading

I have no particular interest in the characters Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. However, they have performed an important public service and as a result of the live-streaming of their recent defamation trial, it is now possible to have a more intelligent and informed conversation on the subject of intimate partner violence IPV. Also in… Continue reading Johnny Depp v Amber Heard – Useful Reading

Depp v. Heard and The Myth of Male Power

Critical Theory is the thought system that makes toxic feminism, toxic. According to that theory, knowledge is socially constructed and the narratives of the most powerful are what constitute accepted knowledge or truth. This means that proponents Critical Theory have to be able to divine power relations in society and in this regard they behave… Continue reading Depp v. Heard and The Myth of Male Power