Charlotte Proudman: Women will not be silenced?

Women are systematically more hostile to freedom of speech than are men. As institutions, including universities, have become more feminised, they have become more hostile to freedom of expression and thought” Helen Dale, Cap X. Men should respect. International Women’s Day and men should expect the same from women on International Men’s Day. That does not mean,… Continue reading Charlotte Proudman: Women will not be silenced?

Let’s blame men for trans* issue

Following the debacle over the Scottish gender self-identification bill there appears to be a campaign, organised by some the of the less self critical strands of feminism, to blame the problem on men. This ignores the fact that there are more biological females transitioning to male, than males heading in the opposite direction. It also… Continue reading Let’s blame men for trans* issue

Another view on ‘woke’

Self-righteous professors have spawned self-righteous students and unleashed them into the public square” Russell Jacoby writing in the Tablet. A provocative article that covers similar territory to that discussed a previous post A Marxist Take on Woke has just appeared appeared in Tablet Magazine. Though the author is not, to the best of my knowledge… Continue reading Another view on ‘woke’

The Patriarchy

In order to be revolutionary, feminist theory cannot claim to describe what exists, or, “natural facts.” Rather, feminist theories should be political tools, strategies for overcoming oppression in specific concrete situations. The goal, then, of feminist theory, should be to develop strategic theories—not true theories, not false theories, but strategic theories“ Kelly Oliver, feminist philosopher,… Continue reading The Patriarchy

Torsten Bell

Just when you think the Guardian/Observer can’t get any worse, it pulls something out of the fire. This article by Torsten Bell appeared in the Observer on 11/09/22 here. Let’s start with the headline ‘why girls lucky enough to have female teachers lead richer, longer lives.’ Would a girl need to be lucky to have… Continue reading Torsten Bell