Laura Bates: the missing chapter (2)

Laura Bates is the author of the toxic book Men Who Hate Women, a work that tells us more about the state of Laura’s mind than it does about the relations between men and women. The book is almost totally devoid of balance and nuance and lumps together all men’s activism under the heading of… Continue reading Laura Bates: the missing chapter (2)

Jess Phillips and Afghanistan

I strongly support the concept of rough parity in the number of male and female members of Parliament in the UK. The Labour Party has brought this about by means of all-women shortlists. Although the aim of this was laudable, the policy has had some unforeseen consequences. One is that some of the appointees were… Continue reading Jess Phillips and Afghanistan

William Knowland

At last, some good news to report. William Knowland was an English literature teacher at Eton College which is one of the best-known private schools in the world. His ‘crime’ that resulted in his dismissal, was to challenge orthodox feminist liturgy in a YouTube video called the Patriarchy Paradox that you can find by clicking… Continue reading William Knowland

Invisible Boys

In the UK it is the school exam results season. First, the Advanced Level exams (A-levels)that give entry into University, then GCSEs that are taken at approximately age 16. Every year record numbers of top grades are obtained but this year has seen even more of an uptick because there have been no examinations and… Continue reading Invisible Boys

The Antidote to Feminist Statistics

(Important announcement) Whoever coined the aphorism there are three kinds of lies: lies damned lies and statistics had never encountered feminist statistics. A modern-day writer might say, there are four kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics and feminist statistics. Feminists are responsible for some of the most pernicious and misleading statistics and have been… Continue reading The Antidote to Feminist Statistics