Laura Bates: the missing chapter (2)

Laura Bates is the author of the toxic book Men Who Hate Women, a work that tells us more about the state of Laura’s mind than it does about the relations between men and women. The book is almost totally devoid of balance and nuance and lumps together all men’s activism under the heading of ‘hating women’.

As a follow-up to my previous post, Laura Bates: The Missing Chapter, here are some more topics that might have been added to a chapter about women who hate men.

Andrea DworkinI want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high heel shoved into his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig”.

And, ‘Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defence of women hating‘ In short, there is no such thing as a good-faith objection to any aspect of feminism – only misogyny and perhaps that’s where Laura Bates got the idea from.

This is what the Guardian said about Andrea Dworkin in 2019.

Laura Bates also gives an account of the infamous interview between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman. What Laura fails to tell us is that few people had heard of Jordan Peterson before this interview. It was Cathy’s incompetence as an interviewer and repeated straw man arguments that brought him to the attention of the wider public and boosted sales of his book. You can find the interview here (32 million views so far). Cathy tried to distract attention from her disastrous performance (watch it for yourself, it is a truly excruciating watch) by claiming abusive and threatening tweets. Predictably, this unverified claim is what Laura Bates focuses on. However, unlike the gullible media who lapped up this story, some people did some fact checking and found that although both parties received abuse, Jordan Peterson received more (see here).

Of the abuse Jordan Peterson received some of the most interesting came from freelance journalist Kate Bevan, who had written for The Guardian in the past.

Neither was this an isolated tweet, Kate Bevan followed it up with the tweet below and unlike the abusive tweets directed at Cathy the abuse directed at Jordan was retweeted and ‘liked’ on numerous occasions.

Kate Bevan has ‘form’ when it comes to questionable behaviour. She was part of the mob that campaigned successfully for James Damore to be sacked from his job at Google. Bevan claimed that James Damore said that wrote that ‘a large number of his female colleagues at Google were not good enough for the job.’ This was a brazen lie. James Damore posed the question, that there may be different numbers of male and female engineers because of personal choices made by men and women and he ended with ‘am I missing something here?’ Nowhere in his internal memo did he suggest that female engineers were not good enough and to mischaracterise his words in this way was inexcusable.

Elsewhere, Kate Bevan has supported unethical and mob like behaviours using her Guardian username ‘blossiekins‘ she endorsed the idea of using false anecdotes to defame people’s character.

You might think this sort of behaviour would put Kate Bevan ‘beyond the pale’ and no respectable news organisation would go near her. However, despite her disagreeable and dishonest tweets about Jordan Peterson and James Damore she was still able to appear on BBC Radio 4’s program Sweet Reason – click the image below to listen. What astonishes me however, is that she was introduced as someone who has been active in arguing on social media ‘in a usually reasonable way.’ Really?

If Laura Bates ever writes a follow-up book Women Who Hate Men, Kate Bevan and Andrea Dworkin could each have a chapter devoted to them.

By femgoggles

I was abandoned by my parents in the black mountains and raised by timberwolves. On my return to the 'civilised world' with questionable table manners, I became a detached observer of human behaviour in general and gender relations in particular. This blog is the product of those observations.

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