Kelly Oliver

In order to be revolutionary, feminist theory cannot claim to describe what exists, or, “natural facts.” Rather, feminist theories should be political tools, strategies for overcoming oppression in specific concrete situations. The goal, then, of feminist theory, should be to develop strategic theories—not true theories, not false theories, but strategic theories. These chilling words were… Continue reading Kelly Oliver

Arwa Mahdawi

(Another Angry Oxbridge Eng Lit Feminist in the Media) In another post, I have commented on the over-representation of English Literature graduates from Oxford and Cambridge in the UK media. Many of these journalists have pronounced feminist leanings – see post The Feminist Glass Escalator. These include Katherine Viner (Guardian editor) Gabby Hinsliff (Guardian), Marina… Continue reading Arwa Mahdawi

Meghan Markle the 1/2 humanitarian

If ever you find yourself having eaten something that you need to vomit up quickly I can recommend a recent article in Time Magazine that you can find by clicking on the image below. No surprise then, that the sycophantic piece features that pair of self-absorbed mediocrities, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The cover photograph… Continue reading Meghan Markle the 1/2 humanitarian

Laura Bates: the missing chapter (2)

Laura Bates is the author of the toxic book Men Who Hate Women. As I have said in previous posts, this book tells us more about the state of Laura’s mind than it does about the relations between men and women. The book is almost totally devoid of balance and nuance and lumps together all… Continue reading Laura Bates: the missing chapter (2)

Jess Phillips and Afghanistan

I strongly support the concept of rough parity in the number of male and female members of Parliament in the UK. The Labour Party has brought this about by means of all-women shortlists. Although the aim of this was laudable, the policy has had some unforeseen consequences. One is that some of the appointees were… Continue reading Jess Phillips and Afghanistan

William Knowland

At last, some good news to report. William Knowland was an English literature teacher at Eton College which is one of the best-known private schools in the world. His ‘crime’ that resulted in his dismissal, was to challenge orthodox feminist liturgy in a YouTube video called the Patriarchy Paradox that you can find by clicking… Continue reading William Knowland