Women Who Hate Women?

The book, Men Who Hate Women, written by Laura Bates, sets the bar low when it comes to defining what hate is. Any disagreement with feminist orthodoxy or any men’s rights advocacy, is sufficient evidence. As a result, people who manifestly do not hate women are sucked into her divisive narrative. Examples include Warren Farrell,… Continue reading Women Who Hate Women?

Lit Crit Femsplainers

A Diversity Problem That Nobody is Talking About I have written elsewhere in this blog about the overrepresentation female English Literature Graduates, from Oxbridge in particular, in our media. Most of these journalists have pronounced feminist leanings. See The Feminist Glass Escalator, Laura Bates and the axis of radicalisation. For an amusing account of how… Continue reading Lit Crit Femsplainers

The Glass Blindspot

(What do Will Knowland, James Damore, Allessandro Strumia, Larry Summers and now Glass Blind Spot have in common?) Feminists like to claim that it is they who lack power but were they to ask themselves two simple questions they might reach a different conclusion. First, how many feminists have lost their jobs for expressing often… Continue reading The Glass Blindspot

Alexandra Topping

More misandry from the Guardian That zombie click-bait rag, the Guardian, has been excelling itself with the misandrist dross it publishes. The article below, written by Alexandra Topping, appeared in the Guardian on December 23rd. Alexandra is yet another Oxbridge English Literature graduate writing for that ‘newspaper.’ A degree in English Literature, particularly from ‘Oxbridge’… Continue reading Alexandra Topping

Jess Phillips MP

Jess Phillips is the Labour Member of Parliament for Birmingham Yardley. Jess was formerly a business development manager for Women’s Aid in the West Midlands. She was selected as a Labour Party candidate via an all-women shortlist. Jess has a strange form of attentional blindness that means that violence perpetrated against men and boys is… Continue reading Jess Phillips MP

Emma Renold and Jessica Ringrose

Rod Liddle has written an engaging piece in the Sunday Times of 12/12/21 that you can find here. Rod laments the plan in New Zealand to give traditional Maori ways of knowing equal billing with science within the science curriculum of schools and universities. Naturally, Maori folk law and history should be taught in New… Continue reading Emma Renold and Jessica Ringrose

Two BBC Headlines

(A tale of gamma bias at the BBC) Two articles from the BBC News website tell us a story about the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). When suffering involves women, gender will be to the foreground. The story may not even be entirely about women, it only has to be a majority for the headline to… Continue reading Two BBC Headlines