Feminist Covidiocy

The 2020 coronavirus pandemic was a difficult time for media feminists and at times they showed themselves at their most vicious and nasty. In part, this was because of their irrelevance. Most media feminists come from private schools and have Oxbridge liberal arts degrees. Consequently, they have little or nothing to contribute to the discussion. In addition, when it emerged that the mortality and morbidity were much higher in men this challenged the belief in the unique victim status of women.

This problem was countered in two ways. First by arguing that women were suffering more than men as a result of the lockdown and making sure that the agenda remained focussed on domestic violence (although only that of men against women). The second theme was to argue that increased mortality among men was their own fault for not washing enough, having dirty habits and generally not looking after themselves. The window of opportunity for this approach closed, however, when it became apparent that BAME men were most vulnerable of all. Victim blaming had to stop, nobody would dare blame BAME men. Instead, their increased death rate was was evidence of institutional racism.

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