Laura Bates and the axis of radicalisation

Laura Bates is something of a media celebrity and the author of books including Everyday Sexism and Men Who Hate Women. She is guaranteed uncritical acceptance on daytime TV and I have yet to see her asked a remotely challenging question. That is a pity because her most recent book, at least, is ‘full of… Continue reading Laura Bates and the axis of radicalisation

Pictures do the ‘heavy lifting’

When a newspaper or magazine article seeks to make a point, a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ is done by the associated pictures. Even when the underlying text is perfectly well balanced, pictures can be chosen that distort our perspectives. Because most of us ‘skim’ articles in a superficial manner this can happen easily and… Continue reading Pictures do the ‘heavy lifting’

The Labour Party’s Problem With Men

Pundits have been, quite properly, quick to point the finger at Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party when it comes to sexist attitudes. However, the Labour Party has some serious problems of its own with its attitudes to men. Their last election manifesto was strongly gynocentric and the men who comprise 49% of the population… Continue reading The Labour Party’s Problem With Men