The Death of the English Literature Degree

“Long before any ideas of “woke” had entered the mainstream, university English departments had decided what was, and wasn’t, acceptable. Woe betide you, student or tutor alike, if you deviated from the new orthodoxy” Alexander Larman writing in The Critic It might seem odd to take pleasure in the decline and possible death of English… Continue reading The Death of the English Literature Degree

Laura Bates and the axis of radicalisation

Laura Bates is something of a media celebrity and the author of books including Everyday Sexism and Men Who Hate Women. She is guaranteed uncritical acceptance on daytime TV and I have yet to see her asked a remotely challenging question. That is a pity because her most recent book, at least, is ‘full of… Continue reading Laura Bates and the axis of radicalisation

Pictures do the ‘heavy lifting’

When a newspaper or magazine article seeks to make a point, a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ is done by the associated pictures. Even when the underlying text is perfectly well balanced, pictures can be chosen that distort our perspectives. Because most of us ‘skim’ articles in a superficial manner this can happen easily and… Continue reading Pictures do the ‘heavy lifting’

Misogyny Hate Speech

To a man with hammer, everything looks like a nail” Mark Twain At first sight, a misogyny-hate-speech law seems unobjectionable. Who would defend misogyny? Certainly not me. Unfortunately, some feminists have weaponised the awful circumstances surrounding the death of Sarah Everard in London to push for hastily constructed misogyny-hate-speech legislation. I believe huge dangers are… Continue reading Misogyny Hate Speech

Faux victimhood and narcissism

I often start my day by looking for new articles in Quillette which is an online journal supporting free-thought. Quillette has given a voice to many people who have been ‘cancelled’ or whose voice has been suppressed by censorious individuals, mostly on the progressive left. For this reason, it has been labeled as alt-right but… Continue reading Faux victimhood and narcissism

Victim mongering

Just when you think the Guardian might be improving, some bit of new victim-mongering crops up. The article ‘There is a lot of distrust’: why women in their 30s are hesitant about Covid vaccination‘ was published in the Guardian of Jan 30 2021. The article written by Lucia Osborne-Crowley can be accessed here or by… Continue reading Victim mongering