Toxic femininity and publishing

If we classify the extremes of maleness as toxic masculinity it is worth asking what form the extremes of female behaviour or toxic femininity might take? This matter has been discussed in two previous blog posts. First, when Jordan Peterson waded into the subject see Jordan Peterson and Toxic Femininity. Second, following an article in… Continue reading Toxic femininity and publishing

Stephen Burrell’s COVID musings

Not all toxic feminists are female. Indeed, some of the worst ones are male. Take the case of Stephen Burrell who is an assistant professor (lecturer in ‘old money’) in the sociology department at Durham University. He has featured in this blog before when he wrote a disagreeable and poorly researched piece in The Conversation… Continue reading Stephen Burrell’s COVID musings

The Death of the English Literature Degree

“Long before any ideas of “woke” had entered the mainstream, university English departments had decided what was, and wasn’t, acceptable. Woe betide you, student or tutor alike, if you deviated from the new orthodoxy” Alexander Larman writing in The Critic It might seem odd to take pleasure in the decline and possible death of English… Continue reading The Death of the English Literature Degree

Why I don’t feel sorry for gender-critical feminists

Feminists are brilliant at analysing any problem and extracting from it that, and only that, which makes them the victims. One of the most recent is the problem with trans-women and the fact that women quite properly feel threatened by the presence of biological males in what would normally be considered as women-only spaces such… Continue reading Why I don’t feel sorry for gender-critical feminists

Jordan Peterson and Heather Heying on Patriarchy

When I was very young I used to have imaginary friends. I don’t want to go into their names or what they were. The point is that I grew out of them and left them behind by the time I was six. Feminists on the other hand get into an imaginary enemy- ‘the patriarchy’, that… Continue reading Jordan Peterson and Heather Heying on Patriarchy

Laura Bates – the missing chapter

Laura Bates is the author of a toxic and divisive book “Men Who Hate Women’. The book tells us much about Laura, her love of confirmation bias, and her disregard for nuance and normal standards of fact-checking. The book tells us nothing useful about relations between men and women. Nonetheless, it has received favourable reviews… Continue reading Laura Bates – the missing chapter

Victims of feminist intolerance

Will Knowland Will Knowland was an English teacher at Eton which is one of the UK’s most prestigious private schools. His crime, which led to his dismissal, was to make a YouTube video that discussed the concept of masculinity. Given that the pupils had previously had to endure the teaching from Laura Bates you might… Continue reading Victims of feminist intolerance

Lived Experience

One of the more toxic concepts of Critical Theory is the overriding importance of ‘lived experience’ and the disqualification of empirical data and statistical reasoning. The latter are seen as tools of the western white male patriarchy and not to be trusted. There are several problems with an approach that centres unverified ‘lived experience’ and… Continue reading Lived Experience