Female Academics More Likely To Discriminate

On August 3rd, 2020 the Policy Exchange Report, ‘Academic Freedom in the UK‘ was published and it has gone on to receive cross-party support. The report also met with approval across the range broadsheet newspapers including the Times, The Guardian (half-heartedly) and the Daily Telegraph. The report notes that there has been an expansion of… Continue reading Female Academics More Likely To Discriminate


This piece of toxic feminism appeared in The Conversation on August 3rd –The female brain: why damaging myths about women in science keep coming back in new forms. Increasingly the Conversation, a periodical sponsored by a number of UK Universities, is a go-to place for toxic-feminism.  That, in turn, tells us a lot about the degradation… Continue reading Whac-a-mole

Some women who never existed

A popular publishing theme is the invisible women myth. The books argue that female achievement is less likely to be acknowledged and celebrated because, it is claimed, histories has been written by men. Such books are usually an exercise in confirmation bias. That is, only looking for evidence that supports your point of view and… Continue reading Some women who never existed

Men and masks

There has been a slew of recent articles berating men for not wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. These fit into a wider set of articles written by feminist journalists blaming men for their own increased death rate during the COVID 19 pandemic. By not washing their hands, for example, or not obeying social distancing… Continue reading Men and masks

A feminist cycle race

A number of events ignited the wish to start this website. This one was quite trivial but illustrated the loaded way gender issues are often reported in the media. The Omloops Het Nieuwsblad women’s cycle race is not a subject that would normally reach the front pages of national newspapers or be reported on the… Continue reading A feminist cycle race

How to argue like a feminist

  Wherever possible close down debate by accusing anyone with a contrary view of being a misogynist. There are undoubtedly misogynists out there – and a few misandrists. Though the latter, unlike the former, seem to have a foothold in mainstream media.  Misogyny has a broad definition and can mean anyone who disagrees with a… Continue reading How to argue like a feminist