Female Authors of Scientific Papers

It is claimed that the field of scientific publishing is riven with gender bias. Most scientific papers rely on citations to support their arguments and a scientific publication’s reference section can list over a hundred studies. This can be a problem in several ways. For example, sometimes people cite a publication as supporting a given… Continue reading Female Authors of Scientific Papers

Feminist Statistics Without Context

A favourite tactic among feminists is the statistic that isn’t wrong or made up but is so lacking in context that it is difficult or impossible to interpret. The lasting impression is given is through the exclusion of data concerning males. By the sin of omission, these distorted statistics give the impression that all is… Continue reading Feminist Statistics Without Context

The Patriarchy

In order to be revolutionary, feminist theory cannot claim to describe what exists, or, “natural facts.” Rather, feminist theories should be political tools, strategies for overcoming oppression in specific concrete situations. The goal, then, of feminist theory, should be to develop strategic theories—not true theories, not false theories, but strategic theories“ Kelly Oliver, feminist philosopher,… Continue reading The Patriarchy

Patriarchy = Conspiracy Theory?

I thought a lot of rhetoric around feminism…..a lot of feminist narratives were conspiracy theories. I thought the concept of patriarchy keeping of us women down and oppressed…..I thought it was a conspiracy theory because it didn’t correspond with the empirical evidence that I experienced in my own life… that I could see with my… Continue reading Patriarchy = Conspiracy Theory?

Torsten Bell

Just when you think the Guardian/Observer can’t get any worse, it pulls something out of the fire. This article by Torsten Bell appeared in the Observer on 11/09/22 here. Let’s start with the headline ‘why girls lucky enough to have female teachers lead richer, longer lives.’ Would a girl need to be lucky to have… Continue reading Torsten Bell

The Welsh War on Boys

There have been chaotic and potentially violent scenes where the public had to be cleared from a council room in Gwynedd (North Wales). It seems that protesting individuals were reacting (over reacting perhaps) to a meeting on sex education in Welsh schools (see here). According to the article on the BBC website, passions had been… Continue reading The Welsh War on Boys

Adult Diagnosis of ADHD

(also dyslexia and autism)  But it’s still fashionable to talk about your struggles with ADHD, or your gifted-kid childhood traumas. These aren’t real tribes, though. They’re just shared victimhood labels” N. Rusell – Quillette 16/8/22 (here) Feminists clearly do not feel they are getting a big enough slice of the victim-pie when it comes to the diagnosis… Continue reading Adult Diagnosis of ADHD