About this blog

This UK-centred blog will take a sceptical approach to feminism by challenging the selective vision, or confirmation bias, of some feminists who choose to view the world through victim-tinted lenses.  In particular, the selective world view held by some ultra-privileged media feminists that enables them to promote their victim status over all men, whatever their… Continue reading About this blog

Janice Fiamengo

Some of the best critiques of modern feminism have come from former feminists. Good examples being Christina Hoff Sommers and Janice Fiamengo. Not only are they insightful but they are brave because feminism, along with other cults, views apostasy as the worst crime of all. I was prompted to write this post because of a… Continue reading Janice Fiamengo

WHO and UN – misandrist?

Bias against men’s issues within the United Nations and the World Health Organisation: A content analysis. Twenty-twenty has given me some cause for optimism and I think we can see the earliest signs of the pendulum swinging away from the feminists. Laura Bates’ book ‘Men Who Hate Women’ was, in my opinion, a recognition and… Continue reading WHO and UN – misandrist?

Boys or pupils?

If you want to understand just how misleading the reporting in the Guardian is look at the two headlines below. The first was taken from the Times and the second from the Guardian. The reports concern the spate of kidnappings and attacks on schools by the terrorist organisation Boko Haram. Historically there has been a… Continue reading Boys or pupils?

Female Privilege: Unpacking the Visible Handbag –

Percy McIntosh Warning – unlike Peggy McIntosh’s ‘White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack’, this contains real data and you may find that distressing. The popular narrative is that men have it easy and that most societal biases favour the male sex. You can find this pervasive world view reproduced in numerous media outlets; the BBC… Continue reading Female Privilege: Unpacking the Visible Handbag –

Only girls matter

Another matronising femsplainer at the The Conversation Anyone who is any doubt about the degradation of academic standards in the UK should read The Conversation, an online outlet written by UK academics. You might expect balanced arguments, nuance and rigorous background research. You might expect that, but you will struggle to find it. What you… Continue reading Only girls matter