The Glass Blindspot*

(What do Will Knowland, James Damore, Allessandro Strumia, Larry Summers and now Glass Blind Spot have in common?)

Feminists like to claim that it is they who lack power but were they to ask themselves two simple questions they might reach a different conclusion. First, how many feminists have lost their jobs for expressing often very radical opinions? And, second, how many men have lost their jobs for expressing views that run counter to orthodox feminist liturgy? The answer to the first question is none and the answer to the second question is many. In my blogpost Victims of Feminist Intolerance, I recounted the stories of Will Knowland, Antonio Garcia Marquez, Ted Hill, Lawrence Summers, James Damore and Allesandro Strumia who all lost their jobs for expressing well-founded opinions, that you may agree or disagree with, that ran counter to feminist scripture. There are others though and the latest to run into potential problems is the editor of The Glass Blindspot -below.

The Glass Blindspot is a YouTube channel that takes a sceptical view of modern feminism. Usually people who write and curate such independently minded blogs and vlogs, that run counter to the prevailing narrative, are retired, self-employed, or post anonymously. This is because Human Resources departments take a poor view of this sort of behaviour and you can easily lose your job for expressing even moderate and well-founded opinions that conflict with feminist groupthink. I was surprised to discover that the presenter of Glass Blindspot is still working and it was probably only a matter of time before the mob came after him and tried to destroy or disrupt his career. If you watch the video above you will see that an anonymous complainant has reported him to the HR department of his employer suggesting that he may be a vile misogynist member of the manosphere, that his personal and political views are incompatible with those of his employer and that his content contained inaccuracies. The accusations are being taken seriously and his employment is at risk.

The presentation first highlights the old tactic of linking anyone who is interested in men’s rights or who shows any scepticism of modern feminism, with the far right. It is usually little more than a lazy smear to lump together any opinions they may disagree with ‘alt right’ or ‘white supremacy.’ This would certainly not be a fair characterisation of Glass Blindspot.

In fact, men’s issues are taken more seriously on the right of political spectrum but that is failing of left-leaning political parties and commentators. Some of the most disadvantaged and underserved people happen to have a Y chromosome and their plight often goes unrecognised by those on the left. It is no accident that many of the Conservative Members of Parliament who were successful in dismantling Labour’s ‘red wall’ at the last general election have taken an interest in men’s issues. As a former member of the Labour Party, it is a source of regret to me that Labour is alienating men and boys and has little chance of ever being elected if it does not rectify this problem.

The case of the Glass Blindspot also illustrates why we need to preserve online anonymity. Yes, it can be misused, but the current climate of intolerance is such that it is almost impossible for dissidents to speak out without incurring severe reputational damage or loss of employment. Until this changes, online anonymity should be preserved. This issue has been discussed in greater depth by ‘Mystery Man Muses’ here, and I recommend you read his post on this matter.

There is little any of us can do to help but while the presenter is fighting his personal battles I hope as many people as possible will visit and perhaps subscribe to his YouTube channel. New content will continue to appear, posted by able and articulate followers of his channel such as Deborah Powney.

If you are wondering which Glass Blindspot videos to watch I recommend his series fact-checking Laura Bates book ‘Men Who Hate Women’ or any of the videos challenging Jess Phillips’ worldview. Let’s hope that feminists do not succeed in silencing another reasonable and moderate voice. If they are successful, they will get what they deserve. That is, only extremists daring to challenge feminism in public and that outcome would be in nobody’s interest- men or women.

*I am pleased to say the author of Glass Blindspot has won his battle and he is making up for lost time on his YouTube channel. Be sure to visit.

By femgoggles

I was abandoned by my parents in the black mountains and raised by timberwolves. On my return to the 'civilised world' with questionable table manners, I became a detached observer of human behaviour in general and gender relations in particular. This blog is the product of those observations.

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